The legend

Long time ago, Europe was sunk in a sea of wars.

It was widely known, that a liquor made out of juniper, provided a singular courage to the british soldiers, well known for their valor in the battle field.

In the meanwhile, peace was settled in a small village in Galicia, that allowed the start of the construction of the emblematic tower of the Cascaxide castle.

The lord and owner of those lands, Don Benito, well aware of the effects of this powerful potion, decided to develop his own recepy to encourage the stone workers that worked in the tower construction.

One of these workers, Adrian, wanted to obtain the power that the formidable liquid provided and borrowed several bottles, incurring in a debt of 3 days work pay. That same night, the fierce stone worker, drank the part of a whole army and he died in a duel before he could settle the acquired debt with Don Benito.

Don Benito, enraged made a request to the witches: he would reveal to them the potion recepy, but in exchange he demanded that Adrian, the stone worker, paid his debt working on stones in eternity the days of dew.

The witches accepted the deal but asked in exchange not only the recepy, but also the exclusive fruit that grew in the trees inside the castle lands: cornus capitata.

Ignoring the exact power this fruit contained, Don Benito agreed to the request.

The witches conjured the following spell: “In the tower construction you will work for ever unless you give back a treasure voluntarily”

And that is how Adrian became the tower’s ghost. From that day on, tha days that began with dew covering the fields, you could hear his ghost chop stone without pause.

For years the witches experimented with different potions to unleash cornus capitata power.

After combining it with 10 other galician botanicals, they created a gin, that would increase the courage of the person drinking it and would also extend the person’s life.

This recepy was kept secret and locked for hundreds of years, and it eventually was lost.

After several generations, Cascaxide maid, Ilduara, was collecting wild mint under the dew that covered the fields, while she heard a sudden noise of stone choping in the tower.

To her surprise there was not a soul there except for her.

Astonished, she walked up towards the source of the mysterious noise, and at the top of the tower she found an old book covered in dust.

She opened it just to discover the full Cascaxide gin story and the recepy that was lost for a long time.

In this manner, after voluntarily giving a great treasure capable of healing illnesses, the ghost of the stone worker was liberated of his debt and set free The maid decided to add the wild mint she was collecting when she first found the book to the recepy and with the pure water from the Deza valley springs, she created the healthies gin in the world.

Nowadays, the free soul of Adrian, still laughs thinking how he got rid of his debt giving the recepy to the maid. To be continued…
Mejor ginebra gallega

The soul of the Cascaxide Castle

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